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Student Council

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         Student Council is a unique, cohesive group of students who care about others and genuinely want to have an important leadership role in their school, according to the Student Council application sheet. The CCMS Student Council team volunteers to help with school events such as making morning announcements, giving tours for 5th grade elementary school students in the spring, decorating for the holidays, assisting at open house/ parent teacher conference, and participating and supporting in other school service projects. According to Kaitlyn, a 7th grade student candidate, “ I like that student council participates in most of the school events and that student council members are led to be responsible, respectful, and kind leaders.” In order to join student council, students must maintain gold or silver honor roll throughout the whole year, display good leadership qualities, have the ability to work well with others, be a good example to other CCMS students, and have the desire to want to make our school a better place! Overall, student council is a fun, memorable, and great learning experience for the future!

By 7th Graders at CCMS

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