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Yearbook Committee

      At CCMS the Yearbook Committee is in charge of the book of memories for each student in the school ,and they care about making sure everyone is incorporated into our school’s yearbook.  According to, “Yearbook Committee is a great activity for students to get involved with, but not all students know the benefits that it can bring them.”   Being in the Yearbook Committee is an honor and they get to be involved with our school’s activities and games. According to Mrs. Costello, the head of the committee, “I had a lot to learn this first year, but Mrs. McMahan and Mrs. Blackman have helped me tremendously.  The staff have been quick to figure out the Online Designing program and their enthusiasm for helping with yearbook really keeps me going.  It has been overwhelming, but at the same time rewarding to learn new things, too.”  Another quote from a seventh grader, Skyler Hill, “Being in the Yearbook Committee is very interactive and hard work. I enjoy being apart of this amazing group of people.”

By: Ali Wittenmeier and Madison Winn


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