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Clay Busters

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Claybusters has a series of shooting activities involved in it. You can trap shoot, skeet, or do sporting clays. Trap shooting is when you go to different stations after you shoot five shells at each station. You shoot one-hundred shells in total. You have five people including yourself at the line. The CCMS Claybusters practice at the Highland Rim Shooters Club.

If you're wondering, Skeet is when one of the clay pigeons comes out high and then the other one comes out low.

Sporting clays is when you go to different stations and you shoot at two clay pigeons at once it is like skeet, but this time you can get rabbits. The clay pigeons can come out of the thrower at any angle. Rabbits are clay pigeons that roll out on their sides. The clay pigeons are like flying frisbees that you shoot at. It is  about the size of a softball that is flat.

Trap and skeet shooting is a sport that helps your hand eye coordination. It can also help you get scholarships from colleges.

By Elizabeth Moore and Casey Kerber

 7th grade students at CCMS

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