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Opening of School Message to Parents and Guardians for the 2020-2021 School Year
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Thursday, July 16, 2020
Monday, August 3 orientation from 8:00 until 10:00 a.m.

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Opening of School Message to Parents and Guardians for the 2020-2021 School Year

The faculty and staff of Coffee County Middle School is eager to welcome your child back to school on Monday, August 3 for orientation from 8:00 until 10:00 a.m.!  It has been too long since our doors have been open!

Before your child sees us on August 3, if you have internet access, take a few minutes to register your child on-line.  Go to and find the appropriate  link midway down the page to register your child.  There are two options:  1) student registration for  parents new to the district and 2) student registration for parents with parentvue (your child has been in our district).  Be prepared to spend a few minutes entering or reviewing information.  If you are new to our district, you will need to upload a few items.  If you do not have internet access, or have any issues, please contact us at 931-723-5177.  We will be happy to assist you.  If you are choosing virtual learning, make sure that application is completed and turned in by July 24, 2020.

While we continue to deal with COVID-19, some things about school will not be the same.  On August 3, middle school students will come to school.  Unfortunately, we have to limit the number of parents in our building.  Only parents of students new to our district will be allowed in the building. Be aware we will be social distancing and recommending masks.  

As we have our first full day of school, we want to keep school as normal and traditional as possible; however, we will be following a few different procedures to lower the risks for our students.  While the list below is not exhaustive, it contains some of our new procedures.

  1.  Students' temperatures will be checked daily.  Students with an elevated temperature will be assessed by our nurse.

  2. Desks will be disinfected frequently.

  3. Restrooms will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

  4. Hall changes will be staggered to limit the number of students.

  5. Breakfast and lunches will no longer be self-serve.  Every lunch line will continue to have multiple options.  At first, assigned seating will be used in the cafeteria.

  6. Physical education, PE classes, will not be dressing out or using the locker rooms.

  7. Afternoon dismissal will be staggered as much as possible to avoid large groups and congestion.

  8. Technology, equipment, and other shared items will be disinfected.

  9. Students will have lessons on proper handwashing and other safety measures to reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19.

  10. Sports teams will follow additional  TSSAA guidelines for participation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  11. Masks are recommended, but not required.

  12. Water bottles are recommended.

Please understand that things will probably change as we receive new guidance.  

To find the latest information, check our school website or our Facebook page.

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