Homework Assignments

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Parents, you can view the article below for helpful hints and tips on how you can make the homework process go smoothly.

Strategies to Make Homework Go More Smoothly

6th Grade

ChallengerWhite, Moon, Rouse, Schnable

ColumbiaElliott, Daniel, Krause, Irwin

Enterprise- Pichulo, Metts, Blackman, Mock

7th Grade

Atlantis-  Ferrell, Simmons, Davis, Costello

Discovery-  Duncan, Lovegrove, Walker, Smith

EndeavorPack, Radford, Smith, Bryan

8th Grade

Apollo- Fox, Morris, Shepherd, O’Kelley

Gemini- Harris, Schoen, Moxley, Weitzel

PhoenixSmith, Harmon, Slaughter, King